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I have just finished the last two books of the Testing Series by Joelle Charbonneau. I thought it was amazing. Cia and her friends are determined to end the testing process no matter the consequences (e.i. death). Cia and her friends do what they think is right for te United Commonwealth. But, are they wrong? Will they end their life trying to end the testing? To find out, you must read the Testing Series!
"Wabanaki Blues" by Melissa T. is a awesome book that speaks to fans of music, Native American traditions, mysteries, and many other genres. Mona, the main character, is sent to live with her grandfather for the summer of her high school graduation while her parents are away. When there, Mona delves into her Native American roots, all the while trying to solve a murder case. Will Mona be able to find the criminal before he finds her?
"Code Name Verity" by E. Wein
is a phenomenal story about two women in World War Two. Maddie and Julie, best friends, fly to Nazi-occupied France, Maddie the pilot and Julie the spy. When their plane gets shot down, only one of the two girls will be able to eventually return home. This book is full of twists that will leave you dying to read more.
"Hunter" by Mercedes Lackey
Hunter is a wonderful book for fans of The Hunger Games. The book is abut survival, but magic and monsters are laced into it as well. Joyuex Charmand is a Hunter, one of the only people who can fight the monsters from the Otherside.